Self Rejection.

When a thought enters your mind
It will never leave you easily
So negative yet you believe it
Everything sends the same sign
And why must YOU carry on
If these days leave you depressed at the end?
Why must you carry on if you feel so low?
Are you yet believing these empty thoughts
Triggering anger yet you are keeping
But not releasing?
It's increasing..
Your loved ones are worried
To you they hurried
Your friends are trying so hard to keep you smiling
To who are you lying?
Only to yourself because this world can be so much more
But you only ignore
And focus on things that you don't adore
Try to discover things in you
That will make you feel like you're on top of the world
And leave the things that are untold.. untold
Your happiness is within you
Just take steps.. and stay true.
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3 Responses Feb 14, 2013

wow, i think if anyone was thinking of anything negative, after reading this poem will completely change his/her thoughts....this is thought provoking and makes you really sit and listen, though no words been said but it has that sort of changing...truly....

you welcomeeeee......

Wow that was deep ... I really liked it

That's AMAZING !!! I really liked it :D