I see your empty smiles
I hear your hollow laughs
I hear your questions
I hear your shame
I hear your complaints
Yes I'm to blame
I see your fear
I see your shock
I see your heart break
I hear it stop
I hear the ambulance
I see you cry
Yes two tears
drip from my eyes
I know you suffer
You bought a noose
which you tried to tighten
I made it loose.
I feel your anger
I see your betrayal
But I'll continue
though you're so frail
I see you watch me
an I know that's it
I turn my back on you
I feel the hit
Hear a bang
See the recoil
feel the rain
And I didn't give up
You're all the same
All so beautiful...
And yet so Vain.
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1 Response Feb 14, 2013