Unspeakable pain
Screams ring through the air
Without joy
Nor care.
Turning to something
That lies have said
Will end our pain
Make it cease to exist.
A sharp knife
Slashes delicate skin.
Blood spills
Desperation fills
The soul that's empty.
Crying out
For someone to hear.
The only answer is a knife
Which brings death nearer.
Tears fall.
The heart knows
This is wrong.
Yet pain precedes
All matter of sanity.
But truth
Somehow truth
Always comes through
JESUS speaks clearer
As the truth comes nearer.
HE places HIS hand
On the blood
That's been spilt
And heals the wounds
That was left
Gaping wide open.
JESUS heals
All wounds.
Those that have been
Done unto you.
And those
You have done unto yourself.
jesussaves2013 jesussaves2013
22-25, F
Feb 14, 2013