God Have Mercy

God have mercy,
Where is it upon this dust,
Just a speck of mud,
No where near the light,
These wrists are just too bloody,
Yet I still wake this night.

My tears are yet but failing,
My cries still go unheard,
Oh god have mercy,
If you were real you would let me die,
Someone please catch me,
Save me from my fall.

My walls they have shattered,
I swear I gave my all,
Lord above please hear me,
I cry upon the night,
This blade it brings too many tears.

Will someone save me?,
Just a innocent child,
Though I have no beauty,
Only scars upon my veins,
Will you hear my cries?

Oh god please have mercy,
Tonight I will pray,
Just take me out of this hell,
Wipe away the blood that fell,
Scars upon scars.

It kills me,
Now I feel so cold,
Is my end coming to its place?
The air it feels too painful,
I am shaking numb,
These wounds they are not healing.

So tonight it is my last deal,
I sold my soul long ago,
Felt it shatter into pieces,
Dear god if you hear me,
Let me die tonight,
How much pain must I suffer?

Have you not had your fun?
You watch as so many hurt me,
Oh god please have mercy,
Have mercy in your heart,
They all talk of the hero,
The king of the world.

Tell me then dear god,
Has your jester fulfilled your boredom?
Have you seen enough tears,
You have no mercy,
I will keep trying until I die. 
CrushedScottishLass CrushedScottishLass
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 14, 2013

God does love you!!!! He dosnt wnat u to hurt!!! Please message me!:)

Teeny please stop