Happy Gather

A song like no other,
Is it you brother?
Melody that never bother.
Let's all dance together,
In the awesome weather.
Party till we wither.
Just like our father.
Joy in being together.
What more is there brother?
Happiness from the gather.
All in the blither.
Will never ever wither.

me2you2me me2you2me
22-25, M
8 Responses Feb 16, 2013

Wow! you have a talent in poetry! I have always loved poetry! :))

I would like to say that i connected with this poem it made me think of memories with my loved ones and to those who believe poetry need to be written a certain way i disagree poetry is Suppose to be from the Heart there are no guidelines So express in a way that speaks to you and pay no mind to negativity :)

Thanks that made me happy. I guess that disagreement is from the comment below.

I'm sorry it's just not my kinda thing just too simple for me

Thanks for reading. This is my ability for now. Don't know to write complicated poems.

Well I didn't want to lie and say I like it just to not hurt your feelings What is learned by doing that?

My feelings are not hurt. Don't worry. This poem tells us to be happy with those that are important to us.

A poem doesn't really tell anything the reader is who decides what story is told here

Well okay. Each one has different opinion.



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=) love it..


This is beautiful, it made me smile.

i am glad

Intriguing is how I can describe this poem. As there is a hidden message.

hidden message?

Did you not realise that it is centred around family?

yes it is centered about my family. but my family is big, it has all people in the world in it. :)

I like it because it kept me thinking, and the best part i read it 8 times and each time was i was left thinking about stuff that made me think more, it's cool when thing make me do that.


supER :)