Upon Bullying By Ayaquelin And Frozensnowflake.

Black and blue upon my tears,
Heart full of scars and all my fears,
Bloody eyes as you laugh as I cry,
You beat my down, but don't let me die.

You say it is a game when you you call me names,
Each word that you say is a new bruise each day,
The girl in the mirror, the one with the cracks,
She smiles all the time, but really it is a mask.

I call for help but no one hears,
You see it happen but ignore my tears,
You stand and see what is happening to me,
But you just sit and let my fears run free.

A brand new friend is what I found,
It makes my blood flow to the ground,
More scars upon the marks you left,
I lost my happiness to vile theft.

Lies and deceptions are all I know,
I lost my way back within the snow,
No more colours upon my life,
Cloaked in black and a shine, sharp knife.

You have pushed me to the edge,
With all your hurtful names,
I am sick and tired of all your twisted games,
I gave up so you have won,
Congratulations you have gotten rid of me,
From my bully I am free.
SnowflakeWarrior SnowflakeWarrior
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 18, 2013

Now I want to go beat up a bully...

Nice poem. I can relate, I was bullied all my life until I started in home schooling.


thanks :)

You've really got to be the best poet. I can't compete with that.