If Only

If only death were quick and easy after you pull that knife across your throat you still have to bleed if only life was quick but we suffer painful years if only freedom was true it's all regulated if only I was normal if it even exists if only my heart was not scarred with the pain of years words hurt like knives some scars fresh others older than time if only people knew me before they judged so harsh if only you knew how you made all this melt away and stopped the pain I have no more scars because you healed them <3 the last scar I shall receive your name entwined with mine across my marred contorted heart just know that it may not be pretty but it's yours nonetheless

For my mate crystal
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7 Responses Feb 18, 2013

Great poem


Love it!

She will ^_^

this poem is awesome!

Ur welcome :)

thats cute




heheh sooo cute

Awwww that's sweet