Our EP Gesture Dance

Waking up in the morning,
another day dawns,
I rush to my computer,
I flip the cold box on.

As it's familiar sounds start,
Time to pour a cup,
I rush back to sign on,
To see if he's already up.

The "Sign In" is complete,
Today begins anew,
I gesture "Good Morning",
and "Throw a snowball", too.

If only our good morning,
were right here at this table,
I would move time and space,
to be with him if only I were able.

He wrote a prose last night,
and posted a song or two,
I will now "Admire" and "Applaud" him,
but best not to "Throw a Shoe"!

Oh, to hear his voice,
whispering the words he's penned,
or listen to the songs that he posted,
as I actually lean against his skin.

He's gesturing back wildly,
With "Giggles" and "Laughs" I respond,
Today is the day I will "Drive with" him,
to a place where we shall "Lounge".

Where would we go together,
if only this were true,
Driving along the countryside,
Then lying on a blanket made for two.

Whilst he is "Pulling Heart Strings",
My heart awakens at the keys,
Fearing if I "Love" him too quickly,
He may de-circle me.

Wishing He were really here,
to love and serenade me in that way,
a sigh would escape my lips as we dance, and
With hugs, I'd adore him every day.

It's time for him to leave now,
as he "Blows a Kiss" at me,
I "Wave" and wish "Good Evening"
"Buy a Round" and send him on his way.

As I lay in bed, I wonder,
why it has to be so tough,
In reality, I want wrestling, tickling, pillow fights,
But in truth, it's just my heart he has handcuffed.


(leaving this behind.....I hope you all enjoy it.  Beautifuldreams42. )

Love, BeautifulDreams42

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26 Responses Feb 22, 2013

"Today is the day I will drive with him"
....... remember it will have to be on the wrong side. :)
Enjoyed reading it.

..For you my dearest, It will not be just the pictures, The garden in itself will be sufficient for you. You are far more precious.... Hugs.

I missed this one. I am so glad I found it though. It's very sweet!

It's so true!!!! :D since i joined EP 4 days ago, i can really relate to it.. :) You are great!

Oh WOW !!! This is AMAZING !!!
I don't know what to say .. I Lost my words !!!!

Hahahaha !!! LOL Yes maybe !!!

Hee hee I love this!! and it sounds like something I have experienced!! "Applauding" and "Beaming" at you my sweet friend!

Brilliant and well done. There is a bitter sweet sadness that weaves between the gestures and a languished loneliness that leaves the heart wanting more.

You are so welcome, dear. Lovely poem, my pleasure.

Your word play was refreshing and fun to read. I also look forward to seeing the "fresh" entries in the gesture exchanges of our dearest EP soulmates and friends!

I like the Anonimity of EP. I can find an intellectual person.
The English is a little rusty, so to speak.
This Brainiac really speaks, "Twi (Akan)" , and laughs at me - "HaHa", if I correct.
Also reminds me , knows a little Russian.
Oh oh ! Now I know I'm not a Brainiac, and never will be. "Ha Ha"

Would you like a pillow fight, with this girl-friend :-) It's great fun lol.
All sounds so familiar, great poem about EP my friend xxx

Aww so sweet! Would love to hang out with you too, my friend. In any case, it was a great day today, and will go out more often with friends, that's for sure! It was exactly what I needed. Love you too, Dreams!

Yes present time, still need it :-) Thanks for reminding me! Hugs xxx

I like your poem and I find it playful in some parts and sad in others. I can relate to the first two stanza's as similar to my experience with anything online that is interactive.

Loved it!

Pillow fights and wrestling it will be....love it.

Very good post Beautiful I know many who have been there at one time or another.

That's awesome....it should be the official EP theme song...*shouts* "Okay...who amongst us is a musician??? We need some sheet music written for these words!!"

Bravo, BeautifulDreams42!!...(haha...I was going to shorten your name, but just noticed, your initials are the same as mine, BD42...haha...sorry...off topic)

Wonderful writing!! ;)

this is really really good! I'm sure a lot of ppl can relate to you. and its genuine. its what makes it so good :)

this'll become hit in ep

I agree.again one wonderfull create...
she describe for many people here
way of loving,living and what us ep give everdy
many people do the same
but only beatifulDreams can tel this on wright way...

thank you the most,you are the best!

Oh yes the signs themselves on any site or method writing in ink pen or symbols flying over wires....they are all simply messengers of meaning we had since the first humans walked around. Gestures are such a lovely way of showing a new way of a conversation that carries meaning and thoughts from one person to the other....such a lovely way of communicating.....and so easy to interpret :)

fits just right here :D
I think I'll send it right now ^^

I love, love, love this poem. (runs off to send a few gestures to friends....)

This is just perfectly suited to the context and atmosphere (in this website)! Adorable! ^w^

All very well until you get hit by that snowball.. sighs.. laughing.. it is really beautiful.. both the poetry and the sentiment.. you were born to write.

I love this! It is so sweet.

Some more heart felt words from an Angle,thank you Beautiful Lady.

That was freaking incredible poetry, Beautiful! Such a clever mind you have.... :-)

Since it's Friday, I used the Mischief Beans.... where's BL, your "fellow frolicker"? ;-)

Cleverly written!

Lol, so very nice and smart!!

Hope you get to do all the stuff in real without resorting to those silly gestures!!

who is he ? *curious*