Broken Little Angel

Little angel do not cry,
Let me wipe away those tears from your eyes,
Come little angel your time is now.
Spread those black wings and sore to hell,
The place where you were born,
The place where you belong.

Dear little angel you are not wanted,
You burn in these flames,
No one hears your cries little angel,
You have live a life of pain,
Now to live more pain wingless angel.

Remember that song you would sing?
Remember when your heart was whole?
Now it is shattered like the rest of you little angel,
Now you are nothing but a memory,
Too changed for this world.

Death to you little angel,
Your wings are no longer white,
The are the wings of the black bird that crows on this deadly night,
Does no one own your broken heart?
No one will ever love you little angel.

You have summoned pain upon pain,
You slit your scars to make them bleed,
Say your goodbyes little angel you are no longer welcome here,
They do not care for you anymore,
Let me take you under my wings.

Come here little angel,
Let me hold you as you lay in the cold,
I am you little angel,
I am your reflection in this shattered mirror,
Come little angel we will survive hell alone.
SnowflakeWarrior SnowflakeWarrior
18-21, F
5 Responses Feb 24, 2013

You have me crying over this. You break my heart. I care and I am here to help you carry your pain. If you want to fix those angel winds let me know.

That's beautiful.

yay :,)

I love it! Keep writing, I'd love to read more.


Dark... And so much pain.

meh just how i feel

You need to feel better.

cant help it


*hugs back*