The Body Tears Itself Apart

You take one side
And he takes the other
Ripping my heart in half
Blood soaking through the carpet
My body, laying
Broken and deadened
Just like my screams
How sweet is the wine
But my liver cries out
How much must it take
For my mind to forget?
A blade rips apart my skin
Drawing more crimson beauty
Hardly making the hell go away
My eyes can see through this
But what they see
They can never believe
So the windows to the soul
Are sewn shut
Never to be seen again
My ears are pounding
Like drums
And my tongue cannot form words
None since I am silenced
So I slice it off
Since it has no more use
The body lies
In a pool of blood
In a pool of tears
And broken love
All is destroyed
All is corrupted
Love can never happen again
Emolia Emolia
18-21, F
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That is very dark. I hope you are in a better place now. It is amazing how pain can turn into beauty through poetry. It feels so ugly within your chest. It burns like acid. But on paper your pain becomes beautiful.

So the windows to the soul
Are sewn shut
Never to be seen again......

All is destroyed
All is corrupted
Love can never happen again.... Sigh.


and what happens when a body has lain in bed
made from shredded pieces of its love?
and where does a dead spirit rest when the heart breaks
and stops swelling with passionate blood?
where goes the faithful dream of blessed future
that once lived in those hopeful eyes?
where dwelled all these tears I've shed
and so did all the fears realized
Days go by my window
as my thoughts consume me thus
while cruel hands of fate
turn my existence to rust...

I swear to you I cried when I read this. Where goes the faithful dream of blessed future that once lived in those hopeful eyes? magnificent!

Well done. I enjoyed the overall "dark" sense to your writing. I am actually a writer myself, so it is always enjoyable to read the writings/poems of others!

Well done, very deep, satisfyingly dark... but I probably will not read again unless I want to end it all. J/K

Lol, sorry. :3

Pick up your body

And pick up your heart

And never again

Let them be torn apart

Take possesion of your soul

Pick up all of the pieces of


And make them whole

Use your blade to slash

The curtains open

Let the light of love

Shine within you once again

Pick yourself up off of

The carpeted floor

And say to yourself

I want more

Put your tounge back in your mouth

And scream

I want to live

Come back to us

You have so much more

To give


Never say that u will find it I was on. Same spot for 10 years and I moved on was not looking for it it found me be open minded

Interesting poem. It seems like the author is drowning in pain and struggling with alcoholism, cutting and possibly love addiction. Obviously this all hypothetical but the fascinating part is that most can relate to the feeling of deep pain and sadness. We may not articulate it, we may suppress it, but poetry is one of the best ways to vent. I think this poem is met as a metaphor to just describe the intensity of emotional pain.

Emotional problems unless you got more problems then you just threw it out there but if your thinking this you need to see someone

You got some emotional and childhood problems see a doctor that's a problem.

What problems? I see good days coming my way...

....With you
The time is done
I take back my knife
And cut my way free
Of you to be reborn
Untouched and cut no more


Thks :) On to your next poem!!! lol

Lol, if I get any inspiration. :3

Heh........what about me???!!!!???? lol

Heehee, you're pretty epic, but I dunno about writing poems for you just yet loverboy. :P

After our kitty/mouse acid trip? :) tune should bring out a poem!! I am your musssseeeee...

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Sounds like heartbreak, both literally and figuratively... you're very good and didn't miss one thing :)

Yeah. Thanks.

Wow this sounds exactly like the nightmares I have. :,(
Love can happen
And when its right its amazing!

I hope so. :)

I promise :)

Well, written E.You have talent. My best poetry comes from pain, too. I'm sorry you're feeling this way, but it will pass....

I can relate to this. It was beautifully written. Very moveing and very accurate on the way it feels.

This just reminds me of someone. 3 It is sad, but beautiful.

Thank you...

Can't stop crying:,( so sad....such a sad poem

My heart is why...

No Emmy

:( tis sad

Tis true...