A Sunny Day In Thalamus

I'm sick, and it's a pretty little illness
A prefrontal bacteria that eats away my willingness
To live within the social parenthesis
I'm twisted, sick from this political annilingus.

The jacket that I'm wearing will define my disorder
I'm due to see a professional Visceral Marauder.
I'm screaming "Carpe Diem!" into the recorder
**** this society of mental money launderers.

Marauder, liar, completely unreliable,
he'll molest my cortex and confirm I'm certifiable
He slides his fingers through a hole in my unmentionables
The way in which he practices is comically unconventional.

I'm sick, and it's a pretty little illness
The parasites beneath my tongue flicker in the stillness
I'll go to work again tomorrow, pity, little business.
The tapeworm in my spinal cord reminds me I'm conformist.

Chamberlane Chamberlane
70+, M
6 Responses May 29, 2013

Your style is surreal, and I feel for your illness. An Rx pill damaged my hypothalamus gland, but its too hard to explain. Its so much easier to clear their conscience with, "It was a pre-existing condition, or it's all in their head." Boshie

i am actually speechless. any attempt at literate praise is just going to pale after this.
please keep with the style and dark, brutal honesty.
i more than relate.

holy **** you're gorgeously talented.

xx :)

Excellent piece!

Thanks you.

i am not shore i under stood it all but i feel sorrow!

And now sing it.