Brown Flowers

Oh Thank you for the flowers, that you brought to my door.

Are these the only one's ? WOW !! or do i get some more ?

Oh Thank you for the flowers, come here and give me a kiss.

Oh the flowers cost more than $20 bucks & you want more than this..

How about i make you dinner & massage your tired feet ?

Oh so you've already eaten and your cars across the street...

How bout we watch a movie and vege out on the lounge ?

Oh you gave me the flowers cause you don't want to hang around....

Oh so You just wanted a quickie while you where here in town..

Well thanks for the flowers..Mate.. I'll think of you when their brown.


caroli9 caroli9
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4 Responses Jun 11, 2007

This actually made me laugh though it can often be so true.

i found this to be very compelling and OH so true to many tings in this world. Well done..

the brown flowers symbolize how long somethings can last ....<br />
even when they can be replaced with fresh & new... <br />
you hold onto them even when they have dried up.

Nah... i wrote this about the way some people have romantic notions and others have another thing in mind.