A Little Change

If i could make a change .. I'd start at my back door

I'd comb my hair and wash my clothes,

and open my eyes once more,

Id even say hello to Mrs Nettle who lives next door

" Hello Mrs Nettle, I'm off to make a change ! "

" Thats nice dear " she says " But I don't care at all "

" Hey" I say " Even I could make a difference !! "

" Oh its not what I think dear " she says " do you think you need a reference ?"

I say " Thanks for your support Mrs Nettle..I'll remember you when I'm rich !! "

she says " No need to take that tone with me ..You stupid little ***** !! "

So Stunned & Silent.... i walk back through my front door..

So in order to make a change do i need to start a war ?

So some people don't believe me.. that i can make a change

Its not like I'm the second coming or that I'm deranged..

So i sit down at my table... with ciggie in my hands

Bloody Mrs Nettle... didn't give me a ******* chance..

Well What do i care what a sweet old lady thinks....

and how can i make a change when my neighbour thinks i stink ?

But I put out my ciggie.. & ran my fingers through my hair

I breathed in deep and decided i did care...

I'm not going to sit and watch the world go by

I'll not become Mrs Nettle & just wait for myself to die..

..So I walked back out the door and smiled as sweet can be

and new that i had changed.. just a little... just for me.

caroli9 caroli9
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3 Responses Jun 11, 2007

this was very good i felt like i was there

hehe thankyou ..

That is a lovely poem! Thanks for writing it - it put a smile on my face.