On Poetry

I like to think that I'm a fairly poetic person. I love to write poetry. My mother has the real talent for it, but I got a piece of that talent as well as all her other artistic ablilities. Poetry is beautiful. I can think of no other words to decribe it at the moment....

Here is one I wrote awhile back during one of my rather depressing times...:

Life is great,

life is grand.

Love's the ocean

and I'm the sand.

Barely touching.

Never known.

So I'll life my life

all alone.

- ME 12/07/2006

Its not my greatest... but it certainly is a piece of my heart.

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6 Responses Jun 15, 2007

Thank you!! Well appreciated! :)

I love it. I've been skimming through poems, only reading those that catch my eye, and I'll admit, this one certainly did! Great job, and great metaphors!

thanks :)

Thank you, all of you. I was feeling very depressed when I wrote it. I was in love with my friend and he was with someone else. Then, later, when he discovered me, I was dating someone else. When we finally got together, I realized that it wasn't meant to be. So I broke it off. Depressed for nothing but a beautiful poem, I guess. :

very beautiful and simple lovely. it says more to me than just a poem like my life story i felt my self in love is the ocean and i'm the sand barely touching.

That's very beautiful, I can't really think of anything to say, it's just so on level with how I feel.