Cherokee Indian Love Poem

I am of Cherokee descent, North Carolina faction,

And just wanted to share my little love poem with you.

entitled:      BIG CHIEF MAULING BEAR  

Big Chief Mauling Bear
Looking for Some Bunny Hare
With a Nice Bouncing Bunny Pair
Big Chief Looking Everywhere

Mauling Bear Tired of Chasing Deers
Chief Been Chasing 'til Chief in Tears
Chief Now Want Bunny to Share a few Beers
Mauling Bear want Kiss Bunny Between Bunny Ears

Bunny not Be Scared of Mauling Bear
Bear Like Bunny's Soft Bunny Hair
Bear Only Maul Bunny a Little here and there
Bunny Be Happy After Mauled by Bear !

Come Little Bunny ! Hug Chief Mauling Bear
Crawl in Bear's Arms - Bunny Happy There !
Mauling Bear and Soft Bunny Make Happy Pair
Now Bunny and Mauling Bear
Go Together Everywhere !


AshamedOfThisCruelPlanet AshamedOfThisCruelPlanet
9 Responses Oct 7, 2008

Aww. This is so beautiful. It's written with word. But lives by love. Perfect. Thank you. I am also of Cherokee decent. Proud of the trees. :)

real nice!

real nice!

A much better poem than the other one. Glad to see you can do good work! Put the good stuff together in a book, and I'll help you publish it!<br />
<br />
blueraven6<br />
Publisher<br />
Searcher Publishing Haus

Very clever, if i have interpreted correctly, a bitter sweetness

Love's so sweet : )

Thanks for the nice comments,.... I've been offline for a month.... (PC died) but am now at the library and hope to start "EP'ing" again.........

That's a really sweet poem.

Nice, very nice.