Poetry Game - First Line, Last Line

I recently found out about a little poetry game we can all play.  One person writes a poem and the next person starts a poem with the last line of the poem immediately before it.  We can do different forms and haiku form - we just need to specify which for each individual game. 

It goes like this:  Laughing hard, she fell down softly

into the freshly fallen leaves of gold

Brushing off the dirt, she stood to face the sun

Which seemed to envy her every move.


. . . Which seemed to envy her move,

The lion paced to and fro

but remained in the same place anyway. 

Haikus are 5 syl., 7 syl and 5 syl (I think) - But we can start with just poetry.

What do ya'll think?  I've been playing this game on another site but it works better in a continuous thread (different windows though) as in a forum discussion.  Which we can do here.

Just an idea - I think it's fun.  It also stirs up the creative juices!


Aristartle Aristartle
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2 Responses Oct 23, 2008

Cool, Lucky Duck - by I'm ducking out now and heading for the pillow. Tomorrow maybe? Or just start the thread on your own - others will follow. They don't have to be here when you are to post as long as they know the rules!

im down for that it sounds fun