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O k people this is the poem i wrote for my is the actual story...stated shortly here...well the girls long gone now..but just the memories contains the true feelings i presenting to you...


The rains have come and yet again,
Distances between us have found no end,
I wonder how long will they remain,
But till they do will give me pain.

What a beautiful Sunday morning that was,
When I first looked at you and had to pause,
So beautiful and radiant you were looking to me,
My first love ? Yes it had to be.

The wind that blew made your hair flutter,
It was then I was forced to utter,
Yeah she’s the one I’m looking for,
But what to do it’s neither and nor.

Then the gift of friendship came,
And I was one who took the blame,
For my heart that was going to cleave,
Since I was the one taking leave.

And then when I was far away,
From time to time I used to sway,
To the world where you were found,
But then I returned back to ground.

Then came the days of lasting rain,
And I went through a series of pain,
Then I disclosed the feelings I had,
And yes was what you had said.

Now it’s been years since that day,
And this wait ought to pay,
Though, rains have come and yet again,
Distances between us have found no end.


POST-NOTE : Me and my friend have decided to make a song out of this....we have got the tune ready and are just waiting till april to record it... :D

POST- POST NOTE: We never got to making the song and dont think it will ever really happen either. :)

Floydian Floydian 22-25, M 135 Responses Nov 23, 2008

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*rolls eyes*

No need to, its a fact i already know :P

You keep telling yourself that, Sweetheart!

Yep as always, Im right!

No one at all. There's no need to take such an insane person seriously.

I mean of course...who in the world would take you seriously now.

Geeeeeeez, thanks. -_-

Thanks lonely cloud.<br />
<br />
Well i was just saying. I dont really take anything seriously btw :)

You take me too seriously when you shouldn't and not serious enough when you should. =)

Nice way to remember your forst love. good

Never got it FFW, and thanks :)<br />
<br />
No you did not....just saying though.

Did I say it was? =)<br />
<br />
*shakes head* Na, he hasn't yet, FreeFallWall *running commentary*. =]

nicely written. Song must be made by now?

Life never is lol!

*frowns* Now, that ain't fair. =/

I'll reply to this comment later...might not be going back after all lol.

Ohhhhhhh! *light-bulb flickers on* I geeet it. No crash-landing half way between the two? *wink-wink, nudge-nudge* ;) Lol, I thought that would have been a too short course - even for you! =P But that's really awesome! I'm really glad for you that you'll be spending a nice long time home for a while. =] Give my puppy a massive hug from me! =P Try not to burn down the entire city while you're home making trouble, hey.... =/

No i get to go home for like 7 weeks then i come back. but im really looking forward to it! :)

*uses fingers to count how many months that is* So 2-3 months... but your course isn't finished then, is it? =/

The plan is to go home in august.

Mmm, when are you planning to go home, more or less?

Its a little bit of everything. Plus my friend is back home and im here.

Dude, * pulls a face at you*, I just did.<br />
Because of time, or no musical inspiration to use for it?

Dude you have to mention what you are referring to then. Anyways idk if i will ever do the song lol.

*giggle-giggle* I do't think I was referring to our conversation. =P I meant the girl. And I get first listen to it once you guys finish the song. =D

Tell you about what? I literally sat here and read the whole conve and I could not find anything I dint tell you! :S

Mmm, I still want you to tell me about it one day.

Dont mind it anyway...

I should keep quiet now, shouldn't I?

Oi its cool! lol

You are, but not such a happy one after my pestering. =/ long as I am human! :|

Okay, brain damaged HUMAN. Happy? =P

Lol anything!!!

Brain damaged bear! =P

Aw there goes the lunatic!!! :P

"Exit, persued by a bear!" *Walks away*

Yeah go away *chi chic* :P

Hmph! Fine! I shall go this very instant then! =[

All i want is my very own floydess back not some lunatic loitering around! :P

=/ If you want a hug or something, you could just ask. You don't need to go all Rockky Horror Picture Show, you know that?

masochistic! ;P

What is with all the lashing and whipping? =|

On your way lunatic unless you want to be whipped! :P

Well, get a lunatic to fetch her. =]

No i just want floydess back! :P

We could stop talking. =P

I guess its the lunatic talking! :P

Hehe, well, depends on how you take it whether it'll make sense ot not. =]

Isi it just me or what you said does not make sense at all! :/

To come on? Or stop this? Or you stop taking?

Come on stop this or i'll stop talking...choose either...

I haven't been called a witch since grade 6. =/ My cackling muct be coming out again. =P

I haven't been called a witch since grade 6. =/ My cackling muct be coming out again. =P

Lol its ok as long as things are right at the end! =D

Oh... I'm sorry. Kind of missed that with the whole 'you double crossing witch!!!!!!!!' exclimation.

Oi...i am just kidding lol

What? =/ I'm lost.... On the photo of you, she wrote 'I'll kill you.' I thought you knew that. And the heartlessness was meant to mean I wouldn't thin of having you in such a sticky situation....

Hehe why? because she is after you now? Wait btw i just realized here you are saying she wants to kill me and on the other one you are not so heartless considering me for double crossing witch!!!!!!!! :P

Uhm, nothing. Forget I said any of that. =)

What?! ?_?

W_W Oh....

You mean to say she wants to kill me? :/

I'll hire phedo to do the job. She so much wants to anyhow. =P

Guess its a part of being a gracious an awesome master! :P

Lol! *cackles like a hyena* How’d you know? =P I never even noticed that. =]

Haha you know that has a weird undertone attached to it that sounds like thank you gracious when are you dying? :P

Thank you, gracious master! =D

I likes too, a student who knows how to respect the teacher! :P

I does like! *bows down to good teacher*

Its both! Me a good teacher, you a fast learner! ;)

Or are you a good teacher? ;]

Awesome you are a fast learner ;P

I don't know! =O Must have been that sly course we went on when you taught me how to creep around unnoticed. ;]

Hehe how'd you know I am a sneaker? :P

I learn from the best. =P

Hehe sneaky sneaker!! :P :P

Hehe, I couldn't sleep, okay. ;) Sometime at 4am, I think. And I wasn't sneaking around: my computer is in my room, so! =P

Haha you sneaking around? what time? :P

*clasps hands over mouth while giggling* I'm not meant to be up: you're gonna get me into trouble by making me laugh like this. =P Green Day better go check their facts, eh? ;]

Woah brain damaged people to be sorted out by of the century lol! :P

*rolls eyes* You'd get brain bamage. But, you are already, so lunatic (here) will sort you out. ;P

Hehe I remember that what i mean is why would I need to revisit?

Somewhere we spoke about a therapist.... Oh, uhm, about that "I Don't Know What I Did Wrong," group!

why any?! :/