I Write Because There Is Too Much In My Head

i write all day, well, i don'tliterally write. it just comes pouring out, like a waterfall and i have no way to stop it. watch this...uhh,....

caressed in the wind/ i feel my heart begin / to weep with the longing of broken hearts that no time will ever heal. i cannot tell what its left of me for i've blinded myself with the wind that rushes to my face and that burns me like hatred and i feel nothing. omg, that sucked. oh well. the point is i think to much. you see, i'm in love with a man that i'm afaid to loose and i guess i'm just very internally emotional. it makes for some good songs, though.                                                                       


LydiaJoelle LydiaJoelle
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 25, 2007

Ditto, sucks too