...I write poetry when I'm overflowing with a particular emotion. Ideally when I write, it's supposed to be a picturesque capture of emotion, I guess because it's also the kind of poetry I like to read. Sometimes I feel as if the words come from a different place in my head; something that I didn't create, it comes to me so easily.
I save all my poetry in an archive and read them for inspiration. I also have a log with random lines I think of from time to time, eventually hoping to use them to synthesize something complete. I only share my poetry anonymously; I don't like to take credit. I'm always afraid that a more talented poet will come along and size me up, and I'll be caught in some sort of embarrassing moment...
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2007

Wow, I wish I had your patience and time!!

if your poetry can inspire you down the track, i'm sure that it can inspire many others! there would be an overwhelming majority who would want to give only encouragement, helpful advice and feedback to you, if you posted your poetry. if someone doesn't like your poetry, it only goes to show how different ppl can be, and the different appreciations ppl have - definitely not necessarily that it is "bad"! don't let your fear of other ppl's rejection/criticism hold you back!