I Hate Fakeness

To hear that fake laugh,
just sends a feirce peirce of hurt to anybody's ears.

it sends a chill up my spine
and cracks my heart in half.

Those fake smiles you give,
and those fake words you say.

I just don't understand.
Why do you do it?

Some people don't see it,
But I've seen enough people to know
You're just like the rest.

Say hi when you feel like it
and ask how somebody's doing when you want something.

The hatred I feel when I hear those words,
"how are you?"

It's known that when somebody asks that
they want something.

Maybe even to just spark a conversation.
Or just get me to do your homework.

Sometimes I want to yell and scream
tell you to go away
to leave me alone
to let me live my life instead of letting you live yours.

Why can't you and your fakeness just go way
Go away and Leave me be.

I hear that laugh
and my ear starts to bleed.

My head hurts so bad
I just scream.

I yell and scream.
Cause I know you're not being nice
because you want to,
but because you have to.

YOu want something from me
and you know I'm the bigger person.
I would not help those who are disrespectful.

But this time.
You laugh.
And give me a smile.
I don't do what you say,
but I scream,
"take your fakeness and leave me be!!"

SerenityDolphins SerenityDolphins
22-25, F
Jan 8, 2009