The End

"Slowly.... HEY !!  Don't rush,

there's time enough for the two of us...

Shhhh ... keep down the cries !!

there's time enough to fix the lies...

What do you mean i talk to much ?!!


I don't think I said enough

The words you spoke,

the pain in YOUR voice,

you said " I Didn't mean to "

But YOU always have a choice !!

Who's sorry now i say..

and Hey ... THANKS for all the ' Fun '

You know... Pack up your ****,

and get out of my house

Don't slam the door when your done. "

With everything that had Happened

with what was said and what was done,

Tomorrow ... the answering of Questions...

How it started,

and How it ended,

The words still echo in my ears

There was no crowd with primal cheers..

but my own beating heart.. loud and true

and I did exactly what i had to do.

caroli9 2006


caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
1 Response Jul 29, 2007

I can actually relate to this poem and it had me mesmerized)?)!!! GREAT WORK!!