Symbolic Interim

don't fear the distance or my poetic oscillations.
as I begin to waver, hold me steady.
the Buddhist in me whispers
"pain exists in the facets of life;
suffering leads to nirvana"
as you regard and absorb each fragmented memory.

what a beautiful thing this is
when we sift through my past together
I enrich you
as you cradle my tender psyche

accelerating towards a standstill
I eventually ascertain strength and stand on my own
I won't hold your hand too tightly
we are not in sync

under the panorama of life we stand
transcending into utopiatic surrender;
resplendent paralysis
monochromatic monochromatic
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 29, 2007

This poem: absolutely beautiful. Stunning work. It made me feel grieved, safe, happy, and at peace all at once.