Whispers to Your Heart!

 So many nights I lie awake wanting to share all that I am, all that I was, all that I want to be, and all that we could be in Whispers to your heart.

 So many days I want hold you and touch your caring soul and share Whispers to your heart.

 So many times I have tried to capture all the special moments we shared our inner thoughts and our prayers which have so vividly shown how much I care about us and more importantly about you that I would like to share in Whispers to your heart.

 So many seconds pass by while I try so hard not to cry because I know deep down inside I can only show how much I care using Whispers to your heart.

 So many thoughts in my head of what you may want instead of my sweet Whispers to your heart.

 So I fantasize each day and night of my life, I will always be there by your side, especially the day that I just curl up and die while forever sending limitless loving Whispers to your heart.

DarkestKnight DarkestKnight
10 Responses Jan 18, 2009

I Thank You<br />
<br />
A tear drop remained on her soft gentle cheek;<br />
glistening in the sunshine streaming down so sad and sweet;<br />
a conflict sometimes becomes too bitterfully sour;<br />
I must control the selfishness to over do my power.<br />
The hour has come to pour out my thankfulness to her;<br />
she has sacrificed more than her life to me that is so fine and crystal pure.<br />
I thank you for existing by my side through calloused ridden years;<br />
to love with expertise emotion when I hurt because of fears.<br />
I thank you sweetly for caressing my flesh and spirit to the soul;<br />
to give unto me the confidence in attempting to reach my goals.<br />
I thank you dearly for being there so honest and so real;<br />
your beauty from the cover to your turning inner wheel.<br />
I thank you so for loving me with your true heart has strength to bare;<br />
for my troubled moods and temperments have seldem been as fair.

You love this woman so much that its eating you up and leaves you whispering...<br />
Good sensitive words and lots of intensitiy...!

very nice i send whispers to my beloved too because that is all i can do for now. maybe someday we wont have to whisper anymore! we can shout out loud "I LOVE YOU!!!" good luck i will be hoping for both of us now to get what and who we want!

I hear your whispers...each and every night...Love

i love your breast ok

Very good indeed

So touching, so meaningful.


Such beautiful words!

My Heart hears your whispers.

Beautiful....whoever this is for....she's very lucky. You have a romantic soul.