Love Spell

What is it that I do that's got you like eww? What have you done that's got me like uhh? Are you mesmerized by my thighs? Enticed by my size, dazed when you look in my eyes. Is it the sweet words I say when you feel a stray? Is it the helping hand I lend when you're down on your luck? Is it the way I put it on you nice & slow before I let it go? Is it the way I smile or my style? Maybe it's cuz you can see I'm down for me and minez. Is it cuz I'm real and you feel what I'm sayin? Maybe it's cuz I'm not playing head games. What is this spell I got you under? Don't let me fool you I'm just tryin to pull you. Maybe it's the other way around. Maybe I like what I see and want you to be with me. I'm not trying to scare you, just trying to prepare you for what could be. Don't put on a front I know what you want. Don't perp like you don't have love for me. I can tell when you smile. I can see it in your eyes, they never lie. You know your feeling me. This love spell is contagious it never fails. Is it cuz I speak what's on mind? I think for myself, never look a mess. Don't trip off ****. Is it cuz I can be your lover and friend? Is it cuz I'm independent and educated? Maybe it's you I'm on with your thuggish ways and how we lay. How are mentality is so alike how we click tight. Maybe it's you that puts it on me just right. Maybe it's you that's got me tripping. Not trying to be in a position. This love spell is wicked I never would of predicted the outcome
mak314 mak314
26-30, F
Jul 29, 2007