Each and Every Night

 Each and Every Night

 So much do I miss you that

Each and every night as I close my eyes

My heart sees your sparkling eyes, and your smile.


So much do I want you that

Each and every night as I think of you

My heart hears your sweet whispers and your laugh.


So madly do I search for you that

Each and every night as I try to sleep

My heart reaches across the miles for you.


So much do I yearn for you that

Each and every night as I feel that ache

My heart feels your warm touch and your tears.


So much do I need you that

Each and every night as I long for you

My heart smells your wonderful scent.


So much do I thirst for you that

Each and every night as I finally dream

My heart tastes your sweet lips upon mine.


So much are you a part of me that

Each and every night, until we both curl up and die

Our Hearts will stay joined together forever and always.


Copyright January 2009

Anne E. Mandaurer






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32 Responses Jan 21, 2009

This poem is simple perfection<3

I like most... it is realy nice.

Wow, this really touched me and resonates with what I've been going through recently.

hey hello....can i use ur poem as sentences in my novel...this is really good...will put ur name in novel acknowledgemetns if u want...do reply on sudeep8819@gmail.com

I read, I cried, I totally understand. Your poem is me. Longing for my now gone true love. My true love that I can never have again!

Yes I could not agree more. Poetic and true.

Dragoncat0228: Yes, someone stole my work & published it under their name on their website. Thanks to a vigilant friend, I was notified, and the offender was reported and their site taken down. All of my work is copyrighted. But it still happens.<br />
I am happy to hear that you found my poetry beautiful & inspiring. <br />
Thank you for the kind words.<br />

Very nice, very nice indeed, the thought of works being stolen causes me reason for concern, but the work itself is beautiful and inspiring.

1 year later...loving you more than ever...each and every night...for ever my love...

How sweet<br />
how sad<br />
how nice<br />
I love it...


thats so buetiful ,you should be really proud lolxx

that is really great i loved it

Nice ,just the way I feel........

DianeMMos, Thank you and bless you for the kind words.

12/13/09 i think that poetry is a beautiful thing and the person that can write poetry is a beautiful gift every body can't write poetry, that is a beautiful gift so feel really bless ,that you can sit down and write poetry. be glad and feel bless that you have ,that gift, bless you. feel good about you'rself.---diane

very nicely worded

Thanks everyone for the sweet feedback!<br />
; )<br />


Very very good it reminds me of my last boyfriend and the poem I wrote for him, thank you

**Chuckle**Wow! I have a self appointed critic! That must mean I have finally arrived at the ball!! OMG! Thank you SO Much for sharing your feelings. ; ) Young man, I can see you are clearly on your way to winning a Pulitzer for creating such a fine literary masterpiece.

perhaps Marsel should read more poetry, before Marsel criticizes......I think Marsel...knows nothing....

How doth the little poet<br />
Improve his awful prose?<br />
And stop the verbal diarrhea<br />
That gets me in painful throes<br />
<br />
Of mourning at bad literature<br />
Of sadness at the way,<br />
These little emos write their lines<br />
Of general crap each day?<br />
<br />
It seems that it cannot be helped<br />
The rubbish still comes forth<br />
‘my heart’, ‘my soul’, ‘my bleeding’<br />
‘my life’ ‘my knife’ ‘my fort’<br />
<br />
They moan and whine and slice themselves,<br />
Cringing at the pain<br />
Why oh why,<br />
Won’t they just die?<br />
Because really - they’re so lame.

Excellent. I love writing poetry however, I find my creativity as far as poetry is concerned is random and selective. There are days when my brain just does not compute "poetry". I admire those who write poetry for a living.

good work

You're writing has been stolen and published at this site, you're not the only one, my essay has been stolen and posted by the same person that stole your work.<br />

Beautiful and heartfelt

i have a huge understanding for your poem,i have recently suffered a tragic loss,and feel a sense of ease that someone out there is sharing in my pain,thanks


So lovely!

A beautifully sad poem about lovers separated by distance. May you and your love be untied soon.

This is so beautiful and is exactly how I am feeling.