Breathe Me

 come here to me and breathe me,

i am here only now or leave me,

is your answer silence, or, am I waiting?

My reason to be here now, fast, escaping,

Adrift in separate spaces, where my place is,

 A broken chorus and a banging drum;

softness speaks and I, would listen,

paths grown over, stumbling found,

no-one returned and all made ground; then madness is not, trouble to be feared- as I approach and no way back is neared.

Take on my chariots and cups,

a life from which I turn'd has caught me up,

Another day to bear, another new day's sun

Another life to live, another wish undone.


johnnyjohnnyjohnny johnnyjohnnyjohnny
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

Wow. This is the second poem I've read of yours that was really good. You got some talent there!