sweet kisses placed where words have stung;

the balm of passion waiting in the wings,

though lovers age yet loves' forever young

we sleep, as troubled as the kings

and look at spaces where once our trophies hung,

when silence steals the words we did not say

though lovers age, yet loves' forever young

an hour apart, one year, a year apart; one day

the songs of love, the songs we have not sung;

occupied by nothings, that we do,

though lovers age, yet loves forever young

and time takes up my heart and so do you;

each beat apart another pearl unstrung.

I cannot make this life without you here;

no glory without you; is glory won,

I long to have you, more than ever, near,

though lovers age, yet loves' forever young.

The bars we held between us were our jail,

We thought they were our shield, but we were wrong,

our loving cup was but a broken grail;

when those that made us weak; we helped make strong,

though lovers age yet loves forever young;

our happiness- a nectar on our skins,

that drew in lizards' flicking tongues;

not sated till our blood ran down their chins;

from our bodies; slayed; the life was wrung;

the lovers- dead, the love we birthed; undone.

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26-30, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

This is truly amazing. Keep it coming.