Simple Trap

Simple Trap
By Lucifer

So I fell
So you were laughing
As I looked up
To see you standing
Above my pitiful frame
Saying I was all to blame
For my descent into Hell
It's so simple to tell

That you were
Gone! So disgusting
How could you fall for it
It was a trap right in your face
Was your mind so lost in vacant space?
Now here you are Sir
The world's is crashing
On you for your foolishness

It is so!
Enertaining; seeing you trapped on the ground
The rubble of your life surrounds
You like a makeshift tomb
Does it feel like your mother's womb?
Or is it so ice cold!?

Does it hurt?
To see your life taken
Turned upside down
You look like a dumb-a** clown
Your faults have helped drag you in the dirt
That your whole world has been shaken
to it's very core! Have you noticed?
That whole in your chest is where we planted our fist
And now your no longer whole
you feel pain in your soul
Well we won't keep you
We will await for you to stew
In the pain, as we find what it is, we must do.
To you.

JollyDevittaRoger JollyDevittaRoger
22-25, M
2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

The lines will pop up in my head, each one referring to a hypothetical view on the subject being written about. For me, this was written on the hypothetical view that the police who arrested me obtained some twisted form of pleasure and entertainment for doing this to me.<br />
I'm not really angry so much as thoughtful and curious as to how they felt on that day and the following days, and now.

I know. Not really in pain though; just something I felt like writing.