Merciless Payment

Merciless Payment
By Lucifer

Oh you slick one you
You thought it best
To walk all over me with those spiked shoes
That smile forms on your face
As you constanlty disgrace
Me before the throngs of senseless souls.
You walk head held high
Snub those that walk on by
This world was made for your taking over
That proud heart beats loud I your chest
You're so vain you didn't notice the hole
Now you lay awake paralyzed
Cold, numb frozen in time
It's time to pay what you owe
Time to reap what you sow
So cold, it's so cold

And who will be the on to cut you to pieces!?
It is I!

With my merciless pleasure!
Hear your words they are as worthless as your feces.
You sold yours soul to the devil for no better
Than a moment in time where you thought yourself a Godess!
My goodness!
How foolish!
You stupid, silly person, so helpless!
To my merciless torment.
Etch this moment!
In your hollow empty eyes!


JollyDevittaRoger JollyDevittaRoger
22-25, M
6 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Thank you. I wrote this to try and deal with the pain I was going through from being arrested for racial profiling. The female officer looked like she wanted to pistol whip me into a coma.

Dark very dark and sinister .

Oh. I was listening to 'Walk Away" by American Head Charge and I just kept seeing pictures of this uptight person who walked over everyone she ever saw meeting a brutal fate at the hands of one of the people she used to torture on a constant basis. He, as in my visions, remains faceless in the poem.

It's like a malicious person who is getting their revenge and taunting the ofending person! Laughing! At their demise! It's Wonderful!<br />
<br />
........That kind of upbeat..........

.....Are we reading the same poem? Because this poem is not intended to be upbeat, or nice.

I love it its so upbeat...nice