For My Best Friend Rip

What's it like in Heaven girl,

Are you laying in the clouds?

Did you grow wings of white that glow real bright,

Are you wearing golden shrouds?

When it rains are those your tears?

When the sun shines is it your smile?

When the stars they twinkle and the stardust sprinkles,

Am I seeing your freckles for a while?

What's it like seeing the world girl,

From a place that we can't see?

Does it make you grin to see your kin,

And wondering how they'll be?

I miss you so much girl,

Will the hurt ever go away?

I hope you know I love you so,

My freckled face friend who could not stay.


She died from complications due to lupus. She was 25 and my best friend, my sister.

livelaughlove25 livelaughlove25
26-30, F
8 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Wonderful poem. It is so light but still poignant. RIP to your friend.

thank you very much bananafone.

just read...*sigh* grief is overwhelming, and loss so deep, I know. Heart hugs for you...

lol yes it does. she was blonde with a face full of freckles. lol she had a smile that would melt your heart

i dont mind

aww thank you puck! what a sweet thing to write!

This is a beautiful poem that would make a beautiful song. What a touching tribute.

thanks kwall.. :o)