I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for the times you cried

and the loneliness you felt inside.

I'm sorry for the way things were

and the selfishness that you endured.


I'm sorry for the nights we lost,

and the deep pain it must have cost.

I'm sorry for the love you missed,

losing you made me realize this.

I'm sorry I wasn't the man you deserved,

this has been the hardest lesson learned.

I'm sorry I wasn't there to show,

the deepest love you'll ever know.

I'm sorry for the empty days,

and the stresses that you still yet pay.

I'm sorry for the times I left,

I've never felt so much regret.

I'm sorry for the heart I broke,


that shattered with the hateful words I spoke.

I'm sorry for the empty space,

that laid beside you in my place.

I'm sorry for the empty arm's,

you fell into when times were hard.

I'm sorry for the days that have passed,

our love now will surely last.

I'm sorry it took so long to vow,

to love you forever here and now.


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2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

it really is so beautiful..and sad

So many people have felt that sort of regret. This is a moving poem and quite sad, but I think we've all been there at some time.