I wrote some poems about the snow, last week? was it? well whatever. here they are. and they arent **** dammit!

Dancing delicate

I tiptoe home

Secret steps up secret stairs

A lithe ballet to hidden lairs

Snow in my eyes and in my mouths

Close the window, stopped in the house

Speckled like dandruff

On downy shoulders

Snow reminiscence of getting older

Sleeping snow and getting colder

Like feathers dancing to the ground

I trip back hoping to be found

Snowy footprints follow as shadows

Ghost steps leaving dirty arrows

Fall back into the outside world

A symphony of snow spinning me round


Snow, snow, snow

Where do you go?

Here, there… everywhere?

Up our chuffs and down our…. Necks

Spat from high, on icy flecks

Down + Up + Side to fall

Flushed in and out through down halls

An icy sweat, a solid breath

Cotton rain, some undershoe left

A fluffy floor for fluffy feet

Some cold something, numbing teeth

Snow, snow, snow

Where will you go?

Hopefully some will remain tomorrow.


The snow hovers, Innocent flies wanting in

Beyond my window, are my kin?

Held up in wind and thrown down on gravity

This force of grandeur is no friend to me

Snow flashing its sad puppy eyes

Mournful now, away it flies

To some more welcoming abode

Upon some other back born to be rode

The snow now gone I grasp at air

For lost ice, that past once there



thesamwebb thesamwebb
18-21, M
3 Responses Feb 11, 2009

why ty

aww ty mrs melody, it's not my fault snow is so pretty!

I love your poems. They remind me of when I was a little kid and played in the snow.