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I awoke today and the world had changed,
like the story of a mind that's deranged.
I hung my head, my eyes soaked with tears,
the world turned black filled with fears.

I could not believe what was before my eyes,
I could not comprehend all of their lies.
Those who had nothing to do with their pain,
should die by the thousands, it's too insane.

In the name of God, they now wage their war,
this is mass murder today and nothing more.
Today I stand up to their threats of death,
I shall resist them now to my last breath.

Many say we should defeat them with peace,
they don't understand this war won't cease.
To do nothing, my friend is almost treason,
their hate can't hear the voice of reason.

by Michael Patterson

SingleAlaskanMan SingleAlaskanMan
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2009