The Beast Within

Life would be much easier if I just curled up in a corner and let life pass me by.  But something inside of me won't let me do it.  In fact it not only won't let me let life pass by, It requires me to jump up and down and infuriate the beast, just to see if I can take It by the horns and subdue It into the dirt.  It requires me to go to war daily with myself, just to see who is left standing.  Grizzled by battle It only hardens and welcomes new challenges.  Will It ever be full, will It ever be satisfied, will it ever relinquish It's power over to me.  But do I want It to be full, have I ever asked It to put down the fork and knife.  No.  It needs me just as I need it.  Because without It how could I fully enjoy the stillness of a moment.  When It has time, It allows me to be human, It allows be to feel alive.  This is why I cannot ask It to go, because It won't let me.

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

Very well written. I as well write poetry and have been since I was a small child. Although I am my biggest critic, I know that I am good at it, and something that I can hold onto, something in which no one can take away from me. Something in which the ex<x>pression that flows through my soul and bring such comfort when the poem is complete. It is hard sometimes to find the time to write, but the thoughts always race through my mind, as the wind by, but I know that the time is something that I gave to capture, as the unwritten words are those that haunt us. keep writing and always make that time for yourself to do so. ex<x>pression of ones self, or feeling, or even, just a funny one, is so important. You can look back on them later on in life and see where you stood. Always date your work, but never write something and re-read it right after you wrote it. Sometimes that can be a double-edged sword. Keep writing.