Restarting My Brain

a fool i am indeed
i lost every need

compared to you i am nothing
yet, in me you see something

take my hope and crush it if you want
but one thing will remain beyond

my heart is slain
because i shut down my brain

i only listened to my feelings
and stepped out of the crowd of thinking beings

you where my sign on the gravel road
now you are like acid in my throat

you destroyed my will to life
and i want to jump down that cliff

the one i climbed for only you
i want to die, that is true

but on the edge i start thinking again
and i know that it will happen

i will find another one
and hell, i will have fun

i will have found that other soul
and we will swim in life's bowl

Hacki Hacki
22-25, M
3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

thank you!<br />
<br />
i think they are simply losing the interest and become distant, turning to strangers once again

beautiful. i love this. this soul-searing poem has surely just conjured-up lots of people in every reader's mind, as it has mine. often those who take us to the greatest heights--are the ones who can also leave the most bitter taste, yes like acid, when it's over.<br />
<br />
sometimes i think they turn to another because they are tired of the soaring heights--and want to 'settle down' to someone less stirring and intense---someone who is 'merely' grating and annoying--therefore reliably predictable and constant!

me too