From love to hatred,

It’s not a long path,

And all it takes is an angel’s wrath,

To jump to the end where hatred lasts,


The opposites reside on either bank,

Of a river that knows no end,

But when the path is pursued by thee,

The river too listens to the worth plea,


It contracts, shrinks,

And the banks are close,

The jump is made,

And something broke,


The bones are intact,

And hard is the fact,

The heart unknown,

Bore the impact,


Once upon the other sand,

Its the life of sorrow that holds thy hand,

Hail the call, it’s end of the path,

“Destination hatred” through an angel’s wrath!


Floydian Floydian
26-30, M
6 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Thanks ya'll! It helps to keep going! =)

ahhhh a fellow "hate poetry" poetry has its place...but there is something to be said about this type of disgorging....

I think this is frigging brilliant. One of the best poems I've read on here. Thanks for sharing it.

Well no, its actually sort of what I wrote for myself, call me an angel or whatever, when my love ditched me..

So full of hate and sorrow. the pain of angering someone who is an Angel in your eyes, and the rage they can inflict upon you. Either that or I misread this. My head is out there right now.