I Dont Know...

I dont know who I am.

I dont know who i will be

all i know is that i want you

to be a part of me


I dont know if we will last

i dont know what will come

i dont know if i trust my feelings and

what i have become.


I dont know what is right

i dont know if this is wrong

love comes so many ways

why cant ours belong?


I dont know what they will say

I dont know if i could bare

The faces of my loved ones

and the news we would have to share


I dont know what our life would look like

I dont know who would stand by our side

I dont know if we could live out in the open

or if we'd be forced to hide


I know know what makes sense

i dont know if together we could see

but i know we just clicked

I just dont know if i should believe.


I dont know if you could love me

I Dont know just what to think

the more i do the more i feel

it scares me so bad i cant breathe


I dont know who i am

I dont know who ill be

All i know is that I could love you

and I want to know where we will lead 



fusion4life fusion4life
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

*Smile* those words were really sincere. its beautiful and simple! I like it