There and Then


There and then,

There and then, as I looked up at the bright stars shinning in the night sky I was reminded constantly of your beautiful eyes and how sometimes they go unnoticed.

There and then, I can’t recall if it was night or during the day either way it doesn’t matter, my love for you stood out brighter than the brightest star even during the darkest of nights.

There and then, I realized the past year’s dark nights seemed to have almost surpassed the bright days.

There and then, I remembered it was the sparkle in your eyes as we looked at each other that cried out it is okay for a better tomorrow is near.

There and then, I recalled the clouds bringing rain sometimes heavy, sometimes light, sometimes thunder, sometimes light, no matter, one thing was clear, our love is always and forever my dear.

There and then, I knew the sun would rise in the morning and the stars would shine at night, presenting us with wonderful things to see to enjoy as we reflected on times when they weren’t anywhere in sight.

There and then, nature reminded us to make more out of the things, times, moments that matter most.

There and then, I wished we would take each moment as it was our last for tomorrow may or may not bring more sorrow and pain.

There and then, I vowed not to dwell on those things, times, moments that shouldn’t matter at all.

There and then, I began to look forward to enjoying those things like winter, summer, spring, and fall.

There and then, you might recall no matter what or no matter when, always and forever I will be there again and again and again.

Happy Valentine’s Day, love again and again and again

DarkestKnight DarkestKnight
1 Response Feb 14, 2009

that was very pretty and sweet :)