The Danger of Alone

Do you know the danger of leaving me alone with my thoughts?


Would you believe my fear of solitary time separates me further from you?


When you are not there, dare I remind you what is?


The thin veil of time glides aside and I am caressing the spray from the waterfall with outstretched hands

            Savoring the wetness with my upturned face

It is no longer only the two –dimensional memory of cool sheets and warm hands

It is belly-down with enter twined fingers and my smothered cries

I am accepting the wind as tangible and embrace the gift of recollection for all it is worth


On the days or weeks it is impossible to stay kissed

            When my eyes cast off that familiar vacancy

                        When it seems I have slipped away to an unreachable place…….I have

invisiblewife invisiblewife
41-45, F
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thank you....

Lovely poem