My New Best Friend

Today I met a great new friend

Who knew me right away.

It was funny how she understood

All I had to say.


She listened to my problems,

She listened to my dreams,

We talked about love and life

She'd been there too it seems.


I never once felt judged by her

She knew just how I felt.

She seemed to just accept me

And the problems I'd been dealt.


She didn't interrupt me,

Or need to have her say,

She just listened very carefully

And didn't go away.


I wanted her to understand

How much this meant to me.

But when I went to hug her,

Something startled me.


I put my arms in front of me

And went to pull her nearer,

And realised my new best friend

Was nothing but a mirror.

babesface babesface
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

I was not going to read it as I saw it was tooooo long, boy was I wrong. Great poem.....babesface Ihope you pen this in a book.................a real book. I bow to your creativity and hitting the nail with the heart. You are good and your pen is cognizant of what your heart wishes to say.<br />