I gave up
Only to reach higher than before
I hid away
Only to re-emerge with a new purpose
I died
To be reborn

A bird on a wave
waves of colours,
Squalling emotions
Haunting dreams
Time pushes me
Lost and helpless
A ragdoll it seems

I've shed myself
a thousand times
I'm crying inside
But I savour the pain
I build myself again
And again

My face is a work in progress
I struggle alone in the storm
words stumble and fall
As I reach across stifling seas -
It's hard to share
It's hard to believe
So I wonder about you
And at the reason for such boundaries.

musicspirit musicspirit
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Thanks :) It's one of my favourites of what I have written.

Thank you. It's quite a personal one.