A Moment For You and Me

As my self, passing by beauty, an observer to a fundamental evolution. I am honored to share in your moment. Even only as a passer-by, watching as you close your eyes, and your body slides into his arms. And all that is around you fades away, including myself, and at that moment two become one. I am honored.

Today I experienced something amazing, I've been trying to find ways to define it but I can't. So I thought I would share the poem and the story. It was raining this morning, and I couldn't find a parking spot so I was late to class. Didn't sleep well either...just one of those mornings...I was walking to my class and in the hallway this boy was sitting in a chair holding his girl friend in his arms and as I was walking I looked at her face and she just closed her eyes and leaned back into his arms. It was strange because it was one those private moments two people share with each other, which goes beyond the measure of words, and time seemed to slow down around me and all the other people faded away except for the two of them, holding each other in there arms. It was an amazing thing to experience, because it was like they were allowing me, just for that moment to see something greater then the physical world, and even though I wasn't apart of that great expression, they still shared it with me. What surprised me later in thinking about all of this, is how many people just walked by, blind to what had just happened. Upset maybe because of that bad parking, or lost in there own world of troubles...and it made me think, how often before have I been so caught up in my own self pity, that I blinded my self from the rest of the beauty in this world. I don't really know what this means for me, but I know this was one of those moments that I will remember, one of those moments that will shape my life, and I know that I am glad that I experienced it. I hope that by sharing this, it helps you on your journey as well.

Chrmingo Chrmingo
26-30, M
Feb 16, 2009