A man once told me,

Fortune favors the first;

Not sayin’ he’s was a liar but,


I fear the worst.


They say the man gripped with fear is cursed,

But at least this shadow is mine,

And the sunshine hurts.


It’s not a crime to look up with those teary eyes,

Let loose another of those,

Lonely sighs.

Is it wrong to look up,

See blue,

And think it’s just a trick?

Is it wrong that a dark moment makes me home sick?

Is it a crime to fear that I’ve gone beyond,

That the fear is gone,

That my trial is done.

Is it wrong to see tomorrow and look for the catch?

And if it doesn’t come,

I’ll wait for it yet.

Twice as bad tomorrow I bet,

My mind is set,

Living for death,

Ignoring future’s blank check,

I’ll hold on,

Save as a slave to the rainy days yet.


A man once told me,

Fortunes favor is the first,

But these shadows are mine.

And the sunshine hurts.


I woke up today,

A grin beneath bleary eyes,

I felt it mocks them still,

The ones that cried.


The ones still downcast,

And robbed of pride,

Wondering how grinning lips,

Are so satisfied.


To smile seems blithe,

And perhaps a sign,

That the smile I provide may just not be mine.

They say the man without joy is all but cursed,

I try to embrace this,

But I fear the worst.


Fortune told me it’d favor the first,

But the shadows are mine,

And the sunshine hurts.


Perhaps it’s because not all is well and good,

Not nearly the way they all told me it would,

Not nearly to say it’s worse than it should,

Not nearly to say I’d change it if I could.


The bit of short fall leaves me plenty of room,

To spend sunny days looking toward what might be doom,

Hiding beneath myself,

To find shadows at noon,

Griping at songbirds,

If they sing out of tune.


 I’d like to say that I’m grateful,

But I fear the worst,

The man unthankful,

Is all but cursed.


This fortune of mine,

Is my life’s first.

But the shadows were mine,

And the sunshine hurts.


“Sunshine”-A One Shot by [NAME DELETED]

‘One Shot’ is a name coined by myself, to describe a poem written all in one go, no editing. This excludes spelling correction.


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4 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Thank you, all.

This is wonderfully powerful and raw. I think what Tayer said hits it on the nose. <br />
<br />

If they could, I believe that Words would admire a person's ability to treat them with such respect. <br />
I know that I do.

What a raw poem. The fact that it's a "one shot" shows through in the way the emotions flow through the words as if it was the right time for them to be spilled onto paper.<br />
The way you changed the words in the refrain is subtle, but effective.