Sorry, I Write In Russian

May be somebody would understand:

На смятых простынях с тобой сидим.

Срывает ветер пепел сигаретный.

Наверное ты стал уже другим,

Но я совсем не думаю об этом...

Вот он, твой мир, и из него бежать

Готов любой, кто не лишен рассудка,

Но я с тобой... мне нечего терять....

Мне здесь тепло, комфортно и уютно.

Ты не молчи, я буду за двоих молчать.

Пусть голос твой звучит: мне так спокойней...

Я под него привыкну засыпать

И перестану путать боль с любовбю...

Открыты форточки, погашен свет,

И где-то тихо капает из крана...

Мы вместе пару дней и много лет...

Тебе не поздно, мне уже не рано.

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14 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Замечательно! )))

phedokitty СПАСИБО! :) So much nice people here!

great,i'm from moldova so i know russian language very well,you made a great poetry...

I speak Russian, Belorussian (less of people speak Bel in our country), Polish, English (more or less :), Lithuanian and French (a few words).<br />
I like to study languages. If I earn enough money I"ll get the second higher education, foreign languages for sure. Want to improve my English and learn Spanish.

I used to know a russian girl in college and she always called cigaretts ... cigarette. I thought it was cute. Nate, you want to have cigarette? :) im nate btw

:) thats what friends are for

Also I shall cease to confuse a pain with LOVE...-its important! :) and ashes of a sigarette.<br />
<br />
Deftone, be careful! i begin falling in love... thank you for suppot!

My russian language 1 and 2 classes did me well

theres most of the translation

On the crumpled bedsheets with you we sit.<br />
<br />
Breaks a wind ashes сигаретный.<br />
<br />
Probably you became already to another,<br />
<br />
But I do not think at all of it...<br />
<br />
Here it, your world, and from it to run<br />
<br />
Any who is not deprived mind is ready,<br />
<br />
But I with you... I have nothing to lose....<br />
<br />
To me here warmly, comfortably and cosy.<br />
<br />
You be not silent, I for a two shall be silent.<br />
<br />
Let your voice sounds: to me so is quieter...<br />
<br />
I under it shall get used to fall asleep<br />
<br />
Also I shall cease to confuse a pain with любовбю...<br />
<br />

you rock

thanks Coyotegray!

don"t be rude

its a pity... may be i"ll try to translate this one and write in next comment. but it would take some time.