i walk through the wastelands
shield and sword in my hands
straight into the sunset
in my head the voices of the dead
i'm cursed for the things i've done
and my luck is long gone
it went away with every emotion
my blood poisoned by that potion
i feel the veins hammering in my brain
everything that's left is pain

yet i know there's still a chance
and there's still hope in my glance
i seek for the one pure soul
the one that can fill my heart's hole
so i throw away my weapon and armor
and look for a save harbor
i pass ruins embedded in scorched ground
and still i hear this howling sound
what i see in the distance i can't believe
a light dancing in the eve

it guides me to an old dark cave
and somehow i know that it's save
inside i sense a soul
the one that will make me whole
again i hear a sound but it's another
it's the song sung long ago by my mother
but it's another sweet, young voice
i follow, i know it's the right choice
suddenly that bright soul's owner i see
standing right in front of me
and i know i'm finally free

Hacki Hacki
22-25, M
Feb 21, 2009