Love On the Night Time Beach

I will dance with you on the soft sand
Our body's so close, your hip in my hand

I will embrace you in the light rain
whisper in your ear 'for you i'm insane'

i will carry you to the harsh sea
And ask you, to make love with me

I will release you from your wet clothes
and slowly enter your glistening rose

the lightning crackles as i give into desire
you in my arms, fuelling my fire

The ocean roars as i thrust harder
My love moaning as i bombard her

As we reach that point, the clouds quickly part
I know it's now you who owns my heart

Our bodies spasm and climax as one
Your skin so beautiful, shining in the sun

in each others arms, we lay down together
i know i want to be with you forever

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2009

I love this, its incredibly beautiful and so much better than all of

You are a natural my friend. Never fear the talant you have but be proud. x

What a lovely poem, so real and true, beautifull..<br />
A fellow writer...