This outrage
has left me bereft
and full of shame.


I kneeled to you for far too long
and i groveled at your feet.
You kicked me as i cried in shame.
I rose, stood up
you cut me down
time and time again.
There is nothing left for me to do
I will not bow to you
I will now grovel
Nor kiss the ground you walk upon
no longer will i fall to you.
I rose up to you
I faced you eye to eye
and you stabbed me in the back.
This outrage has left me with nothing.


I'm not encouraging anyone to give up, ever. it just kinda struck me and it sounded good in my head... =+/

imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme
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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

no problem hunnie x

awww thanx.

ahhhh beautiful poetry =]