To Meet a Friend

To meet a friend
is to open a book
there is no need to rush
take your time
read the pages
one by one
let the plot unfold
as it will   each page adds a nuance,
a gesture, a word, a scene
what will happen next
you need to know   your lips begin to move
you suddenly realize
you've become one of the characters
in an enthralling life story   you can not help yourself
the heroine's dreams
have become your dreams
your lives have become
completely intertwined   then suddenly
you realize
with a deep sense of dread
you're coming
to the end of that
wonderful volume   but wait
do not fear
over there --
stacked up on those shelves --
an infinite number of books
by the very same author
waiting, ready
more stories to be read
when you meet a friend!
Heather75 Heather75
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

I get it