Not About Me

I wrote this on a monday night after me and one of my best friends, a girl who at that point I had liked for almost three years, decided that we can't decide to be together- more her choice than mine.

                                  NOT ABOUT ME

         when this wretched world

          she lets me down

          reasons I don't hold

          makes my heart grow cold

          when the sky it starts to cry

           deep inside my soul

           I cannot lie

            it's hard to say goodbye

            can't you see

            it's not about me

            can't you hear me

             the train is coming

             oh can't you see

             He's calling you

             the day is growing weary

             it's time she's giving in

             so I pray that you may hear

             for the light is growing dim

             give me just a piece of your loving goodness

              i'm down on my knees

              you are most and I am less






caseywest caseywest
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

It really sucks when a relationships ends. But there will always be a time when you must move on. The pain never goes away completely, your just able to cope with it better.