A Life of Mine

I can be touched

I will be loved

The hating will stop

The fear will disappear

Because I am not your slave

Those days of my race

Are over

Of any race it’s over

No competition

No more crying, no fighting, no despising not from my mind

Not anymore

I use to believe everything I heard

As I got older I found out y'all words were lies

I walked around with no pride

Afraid to talk

Always hiding

Cause of y’all lies

And what they taught.

But I am stronger and no longer will I be manipulated

Like a bee attracted to honey

I’m not your bee and you’re not my honey

I can walk on my own talk and love.

I can be touched!

In my life I saw many things,

but I was so afraid to talk I kept them in my head

they taunted me like I was wrong.

I wasn’t   strong, couldn’t stand on my own

had no mind, little time

but I’m not dying till I find my home

until I am the person I was and wanted to be

until my personality is back.

So move ain’t no more lies

I’m tired of crying

u lost my trust and for that I can never forgive a fraud.

My own dad laughed and lied while I cried.



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3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

You're right, experiences do give you strength and keep believing that you can make them through it all.

Wow, that was definitely some read and it took me somewhere - somewhere deep in you and your background. I loved it and you have a real talent for someone your age to go somewhere so deep was powerful. Keep writing.

That was amazing!!!!!!!